Seven Tips to Selling Your Home
  1. Front entrances should be inviting. This includes your landscaping, walkway and front door. This is the first visual image a prospect sees and sets the tone for the entire presentation of your home. Paint the front door, mulch the garden, sweep the walk, etc.
  2. A spotless uncluttered kitchen is a must. This is the room where people spend the most time. It is important to have it looking good. Make sure the appliances glisten. Clean the cabinets. Remove any clutter and keep the countertops clean.
  3. Make sure bathrooms sparkle. Repair dingy caulking in bathtubs and showers. Mildew is the kiss of death. Polish the fixtures and remove water stains or marks. Put up a new shower curtain and open the window.
  4. Avoid a cluttered appearance. Remove any extra furniture or furniture that is in need of repair. Keep toys picked up and remove all those old LL Bean catalogs. Clean the closets and take things to storage if you have to!
  5. Decorate to assure top dollar, but avoid extremes. Paint faded walls and scratched woodwork. Clean or better replace worn carpet. Use neutral colors.
  6. Repair anything that needs it. Now is the time to get everything in working order. Repair dripping faucets; make sure sliding doors do slide. Replace torn screens.
  7. The nose knows. Every house has a smell. Some simply turn buyers off. Get rid of stale smoke or pet odors. Think of the last time you were in a model smells good. That is the impression you want to make.


The importance of setting the price right

There are several criteria that determine value of a home:

2. Size of the living area and the lot.
3. Supply and demand.the market.
4. Style.
5. Age and condition.
6. Amenities.
7. Quality.
8. Financing.
9. Timing.

All these factors must be considered when setting the price of your home. Setting a realistic price is important for the following reasons:

1. Faster sale.
2. Less inconvenience.
3. Exposure to more prospects.
4. Increased sales person response.
5. Better response to marketing (ads, open houses).
6. Attracts "cleaner" financing.
7. Attracts higher offers.
8. Avoid getting "stale" on the market.


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