What is a "Buyer's Agent" and why is it a good idea?

In every real estate transaction there are 2 sides. the buyer and the seller. What many do not realize is that, in most states ( Maryland included), the real estate agent can not legally equally represent both sides of the transaction. That does not mean a listing agent can not sell their listing to you.they can, but they can not, and do not, represent your best interests in the transaction.

The answer to this is the "buyer's agent." The buyer's agent represents the best interests of the buyer in the transaction.you are their sole customer. A buyer's agent will negotiate for you and get you the best agreement possible. They will advise you while considering only your best interests.

When looking for a new home, consider finding an agent that will serve as your buyer's agent. And the good news is it will probably cost you nothing as the commission for both sides of the transaction is generally paid for by the seller.


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